Be The Silky Haired IT Girl You Always Dreamed To Be

“Korean skincare and beauty brands have made their mark in the cosmetics industry, in fact, they hold up their own against established Western names, and guess what? They are also dominating the haircare biz too with British M’s Annatto Hair Oil a cult hair product that guarantees you shiny locks as silky as Blair Waldorf’s.”

Mistakenly thought of as a British brand, British M was created by Jenny House ( a luxury hair salon in Seoul, South Korea} Head Hair Stylist, Jung Moungsim who created the Annatto Hair Oil with a team of head stylists to bring you an aromatic hair experience that protects your hair from humidity all the while keeping your hair deeply moisturized end to end.

BRITISH M Annatto Hair Oil

BRITISH M quickly became a holy grail product and won a 2017 Soko Glam Best of K-beauty™ Award. This annatto-based hair oil from the Amazon is infused with organic pumpkin seed and argan oil to nourish and strengthen dry strands and create a long-lasting shine. Combined with white cedarwood, musk, and rose, the scent is light and sophisticated. The oil absorbs quickly, leaving you with soft and silky hair without that heavy, greasy feeling while also shielding it from environmental damage and UV rays. This unique blend of oils leaves your hair hydrated and soft but most of all give it a radiant shine.

Combine the hair oil with the Kombucha daily shampoo and conditioner for strong and healthy hair.

Article by The Hollywood Beauty Guru – Robyn Newmark
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