With over 10 years of experience and about 60 IT specialists, Soft Galaxy is the company behind the 4PLAYVR project. https://www.softgalaxy.us/about-us

4PlayVR http://invest.4playvr.com is a virtual reality technology that will completely change the way people interact and create an experience that is very close to reality, and they are at a distance. The technology was launched in 2018 at the Malta blockchain summit and was regarded by investors as one of the technological revelations of the summit. https://maltablockchainsummit.com/events/ai-bc-summit-spring-edition/sponsors-exhibitors/

4PlayVR is a STO / security token offering, based on Etherum technology,
a business model that enables you to become a technology investor by acquiring share \ tokens. Tokens are limited in number (60 million Tokens) encrypted in Blockchain and will be used as a payment instrument in live streaming platforms, industry that in 2017 only on one platform had about 40 million visitors daily, and generated a revenue of $3 billion.

The 4playvr project comes as a natural solution in this technological evolution context, being the first service in the world to offer the latest generation of technical support and also gives investors the opportunity to become part of the project.

Ionut Zainea CEO: “The 4playVR project wants to bring its users as close to reality as live streaming platforms. The software developed by us along with the accessories will create a feeling so deep that the user will find it difficult to distinguish the virtual reality. We have accessed this market segment knowing the fact that there is a large community of consumers worldwide for this type of service and we felt we could position ourselves as leaders, being the first company to develop such software. Our plans will not stop here, we will go further with the applicability of the VR to other areas, because this technology can be adapted to almost any field of activity, from the educational system, real estate to tourism or in the automotive industry .

Virtual Reality refers to artificial computer environments that offer a simulation of reality so successful that the user can get the impression of almost physical presence in both existing places and in imaginary places. Most environment or surroundings represented by VR methods usually provide a certain visual experience of a common reality, either displayed on a computer screen or by 3D display. Some simulations also include additional information for other human senses, such as sounds, forces exerted on the user’s body by the sense of touch. Some more advanced technologies also offer mechanical feedback to certain movements, especially in medical applications and computerized games, so that mental “immersion” in the VR world becomes almost all-encompassing. Apps offer not only imagery but also the possibility of verbal communication, so they can even create a “telepresence” or “teleexistence” (of course virtual).”

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