“I am self-thought and it all began because I was having depression and looking for an escape. I never actually had a proper hobby, as I get easily bored, but photography made me see everything with different eyes. It wasn’t an easy ride. I was shooting from my living room, while my little one was playing around. I then moved to a different city and photography became my job as well.

I love everything about it and I would advise anyone that if they have something they enjoy doing; they should work towards it and build it up. Is not about having expensive gear or a proper studio, is just about finding things that inspire you, finding your own path. I personally, would call myself a beauty photographer.

I find it fascinating to photograph makeup, hair and all the details that go into it. I am a perfectionist and I spend a lot of time in post processing. I am shooting things I would love to retouch and always I see the images I am taking as a final result. I am now actually offering Photoshop tuitions and workshops and it means a lot seeing how many people are appreciating what I am doing and leaving me a good feedback.”

Model: Jalicia Nightengale​ MUA: Gemma Howell​


Model: Cheryl Elizabeth, Taken at The Hacienda London (image from one of my recent workshops in there)


Model: Elle Beth, MUA: Gemma Howell
I​ulia David
Studio 33
High Barnet
Alston Works, Studio 12, Unit 3
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